Creating a Winning Smile

Dr. Gertrude Lee is a cosmetic dentist at Rocklin Family Dental Group in Rocklin, California. In this series of article, she offers insight into various dental procedures and standard practices.

Tips for Maintaining Dental Crowns

The trick to maintaining healthy dental crowns is to use good technique when brushing and flossing each day. People who brush or floss too vigorously run the risk of dislodging their dental crowns and even certain types of fillings.

Are Certain Types of Malocclusions Genetic?

Yes, certain types of malocclusions can be genetic. Oftentimes, parents with protruding front teeth will have children with the same problem. Luckily, there are a number of treatment options for people with this condition.

Can Constant Grinding Cause My Composite Filling to Deteriorate?

Yes, nighttime grinding and clenching can easily lead to the deterioration of a composite filling. To stop this problem in its tracks, patients should begin wearing custom night guards.

Could I Be Allergic to My Dental Fillings?

When amalgam fillings were popular, there were many people who had problems with unexpected allergies. Now that white composite fillings are more popular, however, it is somewhat rare for a patient to come to the dentist complaining of an allergic reaction to a filling.

What Is a One Hour Smile?

The One Hour Smile is a revolutionary procedure that allows patients to radically change the way their teeth look in as little as an hour. With whitening treatments, specifically, patients can see fantastic results in practically no time whatsoever.

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